Studio Linus – Brand Design and web development Studio. It started with Circuit Underground Techno/House/Art subculture  in 1995, first online/print fanzine in Sweden. Carried on with Reklambyrån Helvetica AB which was founded in Malmö 1996 by Linus and two other partners. Started as an web-agency and ended as a full advertise agency and sold to Imperiet Reklambyrå 2008. Moffajinko Freelance Agency was founded working with digital- & print solutions. As the results, profile, and the competence field expanded it was time for me to establish and settle in into Studio Linus. 


Work I have done varies from websites, massive online systems, brand building, labels, profiles, online advertising, marketing, fares, problem solver, think tank/adviser and so on. In fact, nothing is impossible. Here follow some of the clients I’ve worked with over the years, let’s go name dropping. For full story and more insight, let’s meet and talk. Lekia, Astra Zeneca, Lunds Energi, Kung Markatta, Bonniers, ICA, CityGross, Midroc, Skanska, Hansa, Norrgavel, Ittala, Höganäs Keramik, Druvan, University of Lund, Skanör Falsterbo Kallbadhus, Formtoppen and on.


What do you need and where do you want to be? Whether we are talking, web site design, complex online systems, e-commerce, branding, logotypes, package design, graphic profile, Apps, on- & offline campaign, marketing strategies, photo, illustrations, basically anything that makes your product or company louder, more handsome, tidy, trim, clean, inviting, understandable and faster; this is where we start.